Sunday, 13 October 2013

Metal music is everything

To me metal music is everything and without it what would music mean? All other music I think is pretty dull compared to rock and metal music no other music has the emotion found in rock or metal music and everything else just wants to sell you something and is pretty garbage to be honest... I much prefer listening to some heavy music any day and I really couldn't imagine a world or would dread a world were rock music didn't exist.. but that being said the way music is heading soon all rock music and metal will die and no new bands will make good music anymore.. just all a bunch of sell-outs making music for money.... With no emotion and no soul! Hmmm that would be the death of music and music would just become noise and wouldn't mean anything... that where music is heading though.. don't let it get there and rebel against the music industry and capitalism destroying your music.