Saturday, 17 August 2013

Arthitus gloves musicans dont have to worry

Arthritis really aint a good thing to have especially if you are a musician like me fortunately having arthritis doesn't mean you got to give up playing the guitar or rock music at all.... you can because arthritis gloves will help ease the pain and you can even wear the gloves if you want to prevent and protect your hands from getting arthritis in the first place to! We have to look after our hands and the joints in our hands arthritis gloves which work with compression.. with the right compression can ease the pain and make playing your music far easier again! Why dont you wear them you can style and paint them what ever color you want.. they just look like regular guitar gloves anyway but will help you play better to because they improve flexibility in the joints and fingers so even if you dont have arthritis the gloves can help strengthen your hands to make you play better!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Do you have to be good at playing guitar to play metal or rock music

Iv always seen rock music as a kind of rebellion against other superficial music.. and rock music has not rules.. so does rock music need skill to be good? Is the only way to make good music is if you are good at playing  a instrument..? Surely music is subjective anyway.. and what one eprson thinks sounds good another may disagree... but who cares what others thinks.. surely this is the message of rock music right? Maybe if your music is just utter garbage and the vast majority may think that it sounds rubbish none will be willing to listen to it but surely your getting your message across and expressing yourself through music and that the most important thing right?

Does music need meaning or not?

That a question many have asked since music began... Does music need meaning well sometimes music doesn't need meaning if the reason you are listening to music is to connect your own meaning to it. Nostalgia is one of the biggest reasons why some music is so popular! Others though will argue that music is superficial and rubbish if it does not have meaning to it... What do you reckon is music simply just noise if it has no hidden meaning or do you have to find your own meaning for music?

How do you increase your height?

Right this is just a quick guide for you people who are wanting to be taller...So let me kick start this guide off by telling you a little bit more about the scienc eof height.
Height is something that we get from our genetics.. how tall we are going to be isnt somethign that we can control.... but sometimes we can stunt this growth by eithier not eating the right diet.. or with bad diet.. but mainly it is malnutrition that is to blame for stunted growth..


Diet is important with out proper diet with all the nutrients we cannot fuel our growth.. our body's cannot build itself if we do not have the right building blocks.. avoid eating empty calorie food and make sure that you always eat nutritional foods rich in protein which contain amino acids vital for cellular growth... calcium is also important for strong bones and vitamin d to make your body better at getting the calcium from foods you eat.. but remember a balanced diet is needed you cannot just focus on one food group because all nutrients are important for growth not just these other wise you wreck the balance and become deficient in nutrients needed for you to grow taller.

Stretching exercises to grow taller

Well some may think that stretching exercises just compose of yoga positions but that not really true some sports like swimming and basketball require you to stretch your whole body... Stretching helps to realign your body.. improve posture and decompress the spin.... But results can be hard to see and very slow....

Height insoles

Doing stretching exercises can be extremely slow so to give yourself a boost whilst you do them try some height increasing insoles to get taller in the meantime! Height increasing insoles are worn by thousands across the globe to help them be taller! Comfrotable and discreet and a affordable price tag makes them somethign you should take advantage of as nobody is goign to know you are boosting your height with them eithier.

Well there you have it a quick guide on what things you should do if you want to be taller.

Check this out to find out more on growing taller

The very best insoles for running

Recently i started up long distance running again, i found though that it wasn't my stamina that was letting me down but foot pain disappointing i got half way in my run when i just couldn't go any further and had to stop because of foot cramp.. the arch of my foot was hurting quite badly. I really did not know what i could do.. I asked a few of my running mates what they suggested and they all suggested some running insoles.. but not custom ones... save your money they all said.. and so that's exactly what i did i bought some non custom sport and running insoles from nuovahealth... and since wearing them i have had zero ache, pains or foot cramps on my runs now! The running insoles are meant to protect your feet from shocks, jolts and injury not only that the insert will also keep your foot positioned how it should be when you run so your not causing stress and tension which can result in cramp. If it wasn't for my friends suggesting a pair of these running insoles I really wouldn't know how i could have stopped this pain and might have even wasted my money on custom insoles.. the reason why friends said to save my money and not buy a pair of custom  made insoles was simply because non custom ones work just as good... and will usually mold to your foot shape anyway.