Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The very best insoles for running

Recently i started up long distance running again, i found though that it wasn't my stamina that was letting me down but foot pain  instead..how disappointing i got half way in my run when i just couldn't go any further and had to stop because of foot cramp.. the arch of my foot was hurting quite badly. I really did not know what i could do.. I asked a few of my running mates what they suggested and they all suggested some running insoles.. but not custom ones... save your money they all said.. and so that's exactly what i did i bought some non custom sport and running insoles from nuovahealth... and since wearing them i have had zero ache, pains or foot cramps on my runs now! The running insoles are meant to protect your feet from shocks, jolts and injury not only that the insert will also keep your foot positioned how it should be when you run so your not causing stress and tension which can result in cramp. If it wasn't for my friends suggesting a pair of these running insoles I really wouldn't know how i could have stopped this pain and might have even wasted my money on custom insoles.. the reason why friends said to save my money and not buy a pair of custom  made insoles was simply because non custom ones work just as good... and will usually mold to your foot shape anyway.

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